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Transmetropolitan #2-3: Up on the Roof

When the alien secession movement runs up against a civil authority that’s anything but, crusading reporter Spider Jerusalem just has to be there! Plus, we celebrate the 100th episode of Vertiguys, Rob Gordon style. Happy holidays, everyone, and we’ll see you next year!

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Lucifer #1-3: A Six-Card Spread

Celebrate Turkey Day with the Vertiguys by chowing down on the first grim tale from Lucifer’s ongoing series, as the Devil-in-retirement seeks advice, takes in a show, and is generally kind of a prick.

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Transmetropolitan #1: The Summer of the Year

Vertiguys Phase Two continues with another #1! Journalist jerk Spider Jerusalem has three books to write in five years, and zero chance of doing it without returning to his one and only geographical nemesis, the City.

No new episode next week – we’ll be back in two with Lucifer.

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Hellblazer #70-71: Finest Hour

Bad memories bounce back to bewilder our buddies in Hellblazer #70-71 – while a brokenhearted Constantine battles the Blitz, his beloved Kit barhops in Belfast.

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Halloween Special: Dark Horse Duology

Happy Halloween, listeners! Departing for the dread domain of Dark Horse Comics, we’re tackling two twisted tales from Sandman scribe Neil Gaiman! First, we learn a sinister secret in Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire, then we solve a murder mystery in A Study in Emerald!

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Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1-3: The Morningstar Option

Welcome to Vertiguys Phase Two! This week, the world is ending, the Devil’s on a mission from God and we’re talking antiheroes, cosmology, and the legacy of Sandman in Mike Carey and Scott Hampton’s 1999 miniseries The Sandman Presents: Lucifer.

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Preacher #64-66: A Hell of a Vision

This week, join us for Preacher’s last stand! As Starr, the Lord, and Jesse’s plans collide, Tulip faces off with the Grail, Jesse faces the guns, and Cassidy faces the music.

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Hellblazer #67-69: Dear John

This week, the consequences of Constantine’s recent battles come home in three soul-shattering issues, as John receives heartbreaking news and an old enemy stops by for a drink. Plus, Constantine shares a tale of (slightly) happier days in Vertigo Jam #1.

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