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Bonus – Animal Man #51-56: Flesh and Blood

Hellblazer will be back in seven days – this week, we have a brief chat about an iconic, bloody tale of death and rebirth featuring Animal Man!

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Thompson Twins: West Coast Avengers

Happy April Fools Day, listeners! This week, we’ve traveled far afield of our usual fare, into the forbidden frontier of Marvel Comics! We’re checking out four delightful issues of Kelly Thompson and Stefano Caselli’s West Coast Avengers!

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Bonus – Ninja Scroll

The Vertiguys are still on hiatus, but while we get the comic books ready, we’ve got a special surprise for you! Eric has teamed up with Joanna and Ryan from What’s Lightsabers, Precious? and Connor from work to cover the anime classic Ninja Scroll. Beware of snakes, poisoned shurikens, and medieval long distance charges, and click below!