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Sandman #26-28: Season of Mists

We bid farewell to 2017 and the Season of Mists with Sandman #26-28. Morpheus rights an old wrong, Nada speaks for herself, and the gods don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here.

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Sandman #24-25: The Dead Return

Morpheus comes home disappointed in Sandman #25-26, but he won’t be the only one: all manner of gods and demons want words with the new Lord of Hell. Meanwhile, the dead walk the Earth and go back to school.

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Sandman 17-18: A Dream of a Thousand Cats

Sandman ventures into Dream Country for a couple of standalone stories in issues 17 and 18. First the series takes a strong (if inconstant) stance on mistreatment of mythological women, then Kelley Jones draws a whole mess of cats.

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