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Halloween Special: Dark Horse Duology

Happy Halloween, listeners! Departing for the dread domain of Dark Horse Comics, we’re tackling two twisted tales from Sandman scribe Neil Gaiman! First, we learn a sinister secret in Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire, then we solve a murder mystery in A Study in Emerald!

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Sandman #73-75: The Tempest

This is it: the end of an era. In the final three issues of Sandman, Hob Gadling faces death, a sage meets the new Dream, and William Shakespeare completes his deal with the Devil.

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Sandman #70-72: In Which We Wake

In the final story arc of Sandman, the universe mourns, Daniel entertains a guest, and Matthew moves on. The dream ends…

This podcast contains major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

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Sandman #67-69: The Kindly Ones

As the Kindly Ones’ war on the Dreaming reaches a climax, Nuala learns to let go, Morpheus executes his final strategy, and Matthew stands by a friend. Everything ends, and begins again.

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Sandman #64-66: A Murder of Ravens

It’s a feast for corvids this week on Vertiguys as the Kindly Ones declare war on the Dreaming. Meanwhile, Rose receives a message, the Corinthian shares a vision, and Nuala makes a choice with the best of intentions.

No show next week – we’ll be back in two with Hellblazer.

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Sandman #62-63: The Furies

Ominous portents abound as The Kindly Ones continues! This week, Morpheus looks to a friend for comfort, Rose searches for Piglet, and Lyta finds what she seeks.

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Sandman #60-61: The Things They Don’t Teach You at School

The plot thickens with the second installment of The Kindly Ones in Sandman #60-61. Carla has questions, Rose Walker returns with life lessons, and Matthew finds himself in the buddy cop movie of the year. Continue reading Sandman #60-61: The Things They Don’t Teach You at School

Sandman #57-59: Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat

It’s finally here: the beginning of the end for Sandman. Tune in for unseelie interventions, baby goatees, and the song stylings of Satan!

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Sandman #54-56: Cerements

Brace yourselves for the stunning finale of Worlds’ End, featuring: a President (who becomes President), a sky burial, machine politics, Ted “Wildcat” Grant, the end of the storm, and a funeral.

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