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Sandman #14-16: Collectors

The Doll’s House wraps up in Sandman #14-16, in which Rose Walker attends a creepy convention, the Corinthian picks a fight, and Morpheus serves up some justice.

No new Vertiguys next week, but we’ll be back September 6 with the next installment of Hellblazer.

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Preacher #13-16: Crashing the Party

Jesse Custer makes it to San Francisco to visit Cassidy in Preacher #13-16, but runs afoul of a mess of new villains! Some are utterly menacing, and one is really, really uncomfortable.

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Sandman #13: Men of Good Fortune

This week, Morpheus takes a break from the doom and gloom of The Doll’s House, and so do we with the delightful Sandman #13. Our hero makes a bet with Death, and Hob Gadling has a lunch date with destiny. (Or is it his brother?)

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