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Hellblazer #23-24: The Family Man

After saving the world from the dragons of masculinity, Constantine visits an old friend in Hellblazer #23-24 to rest, recuperate, and maybe pawn his blood. Join us as Jamie Delano takes aim at suburbia and Constantine takes on the intellectual property cops.

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Sandman #29-31: Distant Mirrors

A Constantine, a pair of fake beggars, and the Emperor of America number among the fascinating guest stars in Sandman #29-31, as we look into the dreams of kings through Distant Mirrors.

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Preacher Special: Blood and Whiskey

This week on Vertiguys, it’s a rollicking good time in the Big Easy! We check out Cassidy’s solo adventure inĀ Preacher Special: Blood and Whiskey.

Note: There will be no new episode next week, 2/14. Vertiguys will return with Sandman coverage on 2/21.

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