Monthly Archives: September 2018

Hellblazer #39-40: The Magus

It’s an ending and a new start for Hellblazer in issues 39-40. Join us as we say goodbye to Jamie Delano, the world says goodbye to John Constantine, and John Constantine says hello to John Constantine.

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Sandman #47-49: Brief Lives

Dream and Delirium’s journey comes to an end, and with it Brief Lives. The Endless sit down under the stars to a lovely meal and a scintillating dinner conversation, but at what cost? There is nothing free in this world – not even dolmades.

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Sandman Universe #1: Ravens Just Know These Things

Time-traveling to the far-flung future year of 2018, Sean and special guest PK from Blankcast bring you a spoiler-filled review of the brand new Sandman Universe #1.

No new episode next week, but we’ll be back in two with the conclusion of Brief Lives.

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