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Hellblazer #8-9: Intensive Care

John Constantine’s problems with the Resurrection Crusaders come to a head in Hellblazer #8-9, but not before an old foe stops by John’s hospital room to eat it.

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Sandman #8: The Sound of Her Wings

And so we arrive at Sandman #8, the epilogue to the prelude. Morpheus decides to wrap up his grand adventure with some moping, and we meet his big sister, the least beloved of the Endless.

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Preacher #5-7: Say a Prayer for Seven Bullets

Preacher takes a bite out of the Big Apple in #5-7, and Jesse’s acting like a total tourist, popping in on the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Unluckiest Cop in the World.

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Hellblazer #6-7: Extreme Prejudice

Hellblazer picks up some needed momentum in issues #6 and #7. Listen in as Constantine learns more about the enigmatic Zed, underestimates the power of 80s hacking, and meets Iron Fist! Not that Iron Fist.

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