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Hellblazer #70-71: Finest Hour

Bad memories bounce back to bewilder our buddies in Hellblazer #70-71 – while a brokenhearted Constantine battles the Blitz, his beloved Kit barhops in Belfast.

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Preacher #64-66: A Hell of a Vision

This week, join us for Preacher’s last stand! As Starr, the Lord, and Jesse’s plans collide, Tulip faces off with the Grail, Jesse faces the guns, and Cassidy faces the music.

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Hellblazer #67-69: Dear John

This week, the consequences of Constantine’s recent battles come home in three soul-shattering issues, as John receives heartbreaking news and an old enemy stops by for a drink. Plus, Constantine shares a tale of (slightly) happier days in Vertigo Jam #1.

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Preacher #61-63: And Every Dog His Day

Preacher bids fond farewell to one of its goofiest recurring characters as it sets the board for the final game. Elsewhere, Hoover experiences a miracle, Tulip locks and loads, and Jesse lets us all down.

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Hellblazer #64-66: Fear and Loathing

This week on Vertiguys, Constantine takes on racism while an archangel wrestles with the Problem of Evil and goes on a date. Plus, we learn about angels’ favorite chairs, the job market for waiters in London, and the value of a shilling.

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Preacher #59-60: The Thunder of His Guns

Jesse Custer makes a deal with the devil as we move into the final issues of Preacher. Join us as we discuss Jesse’s master plan, Herr Starr’s grammatical tips, our favorite thriller of 1997, and the proper usage of “looming.”

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Hellblazer #59-61: Guys & Dolls

This week, Constantine keeps his friends close (and his enemies at a B&B) as he prepares for one more showdown with the First of the Fallen!

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Preacher Special: Tall in the Saddle

This week, Preacher hits the road and travels back in time to the good old days of love, friendship, and grand theft auto. Tune in to hear Jesse, Tulip, and Amy take on some modern-day horse thieves, and also France.

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