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Hellblazer #56-58: The Diary of Danny Drake

This week, Constantine finds himself under the gun as he takes on a ring of modern-day bodysnatchers – and tries to save a stockbroker from his better impulses.

This podcast contains minor spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

No new episode next week – we’ll be back May 22 with fresh Preacher.

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Preacher #51-54: Even Hitgirls Get the Blues

Get ready for some Preacher! This week, as she takes her destiny into her own hands, we recollect the gun-toting, shark-hunting, butt-kicking life of resident (part-time) hitgirl Tulip O’Hare!

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Preacher #49-50: The Land of Bad Things

This week, special guest Andy joins us as Jesse Custer takes a trip to the desert and Garth Ennis takes us back once more to Texas and the Spaceman’s war days in The Land of Bad Things.

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Preacher #47-48: Jesse Get Your Gun

There will be no more delay! At long last, preacher-turned-sheriff Jesse Custer’s ready to settle things with malevolent meat magnate Odin Quincannon – plus, we check out Vertigo’s brand new Hex Wives!

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Hellblazer #47-49: Love Kills

Constantine plays detective when a night at the pub turns into a lovely little ghost story, then plays Santa for a Hellblazer Christmas pub crawl! Seems like he’s spending a lot of time in the pub…

This will be the last show of 2018 – we look forward to seeing all of you again in January!

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Preacher #44-46: Custer’s Law

Jesse Custer’s in for a busy week as Sheriff of Salvation, Texas: making a few friends, buying a new truck, declaring war on racism, and kicking a whole lot of ass.

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Preacher #41-43: The Man from God Knows Where

One fine day, a stranger came to the town of Salvation – a stranger named Jesse Custer. But Jesse will find a familiar face waiting for him in Salvation, and this time we don’t mean Arseface!

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Preacher #38-40: Badlands

In the aftermath of disaster, Preacher explores the full diversity of despondency with issues #38-40. Tulip is distraught, Cassidy is distressed, and Herr Starr is disgusted.

No new episode next week, but we’ll be back in two with Sandman.

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Preacher #34-37: War in the Sun

Welcome back, folks, and happy Fourth – Herr Starr’s brought the biggest fireworks to the party in Preacher #34-37, but will it be enough gun to stop the Saint of Killers?

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