Hellblazer #27-28: Thicker Than Water

We’re back with battles brewing in the pages of Hellblazer! This week, Constantine faces the Family Man, the Smelly Man, and the Neil Gaiman!


Show Notes

4:02 – Confirmed: Daniel Vozzo did the original colors for this issue.

7:41 – Of course, the cabbie’s line was written – and described as such – by Neil Gaiman, a horror writer.

13:16 – Sean is making a reference to Guilty Gear, our favorite bizarre 2D fighting game franchise.

16:40 – David Bowie also co-wrote most of the songs on The Idiot and played several instruments. In fact, his influence was such that Iggy Pop fans have criticized the record as a departure from his usual sound.

18:28 – We covered the Swamp Thing crossover here.

20:36 – This witticism refers back to Anthea’s earlier comment (unvoiced by us) that she wanted her baby to inherit John’s blond hair.

25:58 – This CBR article offers an alternative explanation: that John is able to forge a connection with Jacko because he, too, is desperately lonely.

30:31 – Way back in the early days of the podcast, we covered Sandman #3 here.

34:52 – My mistake. It seems more likely he was betting on a horse, I was just thrown off by the prominent sign that says “No Dogs.” In another panel we see signs on the storefront showing riders on horseback. John’s father also mentions that he sometimes wins money on “the horses.”

39:25 – Homo Familiaris is roughly Latin for “Family Man.”

41:06 – One more flashback: our coverage of Hellblazer #16 can be found here.