Preacher #27-28: Rumors of War

With a major battle behind them, our heroes reunite in Preacher #27-28. Jesse gets lucky (or so he thinks), Tulip gets even (then rethinks), and Cassidy changes everything (without thinking).


Show Notes

0:25 – Sean’s referencing “If U Seek Amy,” a dance-pop single by Britney Spears from her 2008 album Circus. It’s not my taste, but Sean is a lover of all puns.

2:45 – For reference, Dolly Parton:

4:29 – Sean’s take is that Starr is consistently portrayed as having no chill, no social graces. He’s very lucky to have found his way to a position where he’s so powerful he doesn’t need them. (That’s also probably what makes him simultaneously a figure of menace and a target for mockery.)

4:56 – Correction: Not the same night, the following night. Cassidy mentioned Jesse was meeting Tulip “tomorrow.”

5:25 – It’s from the 1967 single “Purple Haze.” Incidentally, the producer of that record was The Animals’ bassist Chas Chandler, the namesake of John Constantine’s longtime ally.

7:39 – Actually, it was three million grains of sand.

12:27 – As you probably know, the Bechdel Test, created by Alison Bechdel of Fun Home fame, states that a movie is only worth watching if it contains two women who have a conversation about a subject other than a man.

12:56 – Tulip only recently found out Jesse’s excuse for leaving her in Phoenix, during the All in the Family arc. Up until that point, finding out his reasons had been her main reason for sticking around as a main character in this comic.

14:30 – Writer-bashing is also a favorite pastime of writer Jamie Delano…

16:05 – Winter’s Bone is a 2006 novel by Daniel Woodrell, which was adapted into a film starring Jennifer Lawrence in 2010. The main character, Ree Dolly, takes care of a younger brother and sister in the absence of any fit adult guardian.

21:08 – A couple Preacher episodes without Jesse have made Sean’s Jesse accent extremely Southern.

21:39 – Sergeant Rock actually first appeared in Our Army At War #83 in 1959, nearly four years before Nick Fury’s first appearance in 1963.

21:56 – Sideways is a new DC title written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan with art by Kenneth Rocafort. It’s part of DC’s “New Age of Heroes” and features a character who is remarkably similar to Spider-Man.

25:51 – Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World looks like this: (Incidentally, this is the title of Preacher #43.)

25:59 – Kathleen Edwards’ 2005 album Back to Me looks like this:

28:02 – Of course, Tulip drank a Nagasaki airburst just last issue.

33:45 – Sean’s referring to Frank from Constantine’s Newcastle set, who appeared in Hellblazer #11. We talk about that issue and his hat here.

43:45 – A little peek behind the curtain for you all: Sean was surprised to be getting a “Hey Sean! Read This!” this week because we had already recorded one (he thought) for this episode, covering Motherlands #1, as we discussed more a little later. That segment will appear in a future episode. You won’t be surprised, but Past Sean still will, because time travel.

44:20 – Sean’s talking about the 1999 Paul Thomas Anderson film Magnolia.

46:22 I think Sean was making reference to this Penny Arcade newspost.

48:41 – Batman/The Shadow was a six-issue miniseries from 2017 written by Steve Orlando and Scott Snyder, with art by Riley Rossmo. It was followed immediately by The Shadow/Batman, a second limited series by Steve Orlando with art by Giovanni Timpano.

49:10 – Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a six-issue miniseries from 2015 written by James Tynion IV with art by Freddie Williams II. There’s a sequel running now from the same creative team.

51:25 – Si Spurrier’s Legion-centric series was X-Men Legacy vol. 2, from 2012. The current Legion series is written by Peter Milligan.

56:25 – It’s actually 237 people. This comes up in (Rebirth era) Batman #9, which is part of the “I Am Suicide” story arc.

56:59 – Catwoman did kill Black Mask in 2006’s Catwoman (vol. 3) #52. That was a resurrection and two reboots ago.