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Sandman #13: Men of Good Fortune

This week, Morpheus takes a break from the doom and gloom of The Doll’s House, and so do we with the delightful Sandman #13. Our hero makes a bet with Death, and Hob Gadling has a lunch date with destiny. (Or is it his brother?)

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Sandman #9-12: The Doll’s House

Morpheus goes back to work in Sandman #9-12. But he’s up against a spate of rogue dreams – and Jack Kirby’s idea of what a Sandman should be.

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Sandman #8: The Sound of Her Wings

And so we arrive at Sandman #8, the epilogue to the prelude. Morpheus decides to wrap up his grand adventure with some moping, and we meet his big sister, the least beloved of the Endless.

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Sandman #5-7: Sound and Fury

At long last, Morpheus confronts Doctor Destiny to reclaim his ruby in Sandman #5-7. Join us for the creepiest issue yet, plus a true Sandman rarity – a fight scene!

There will be no new Vertiguys episode next week, but we’ll be back June 7 with the next installment of Hellblazer.

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Sandman #2-4: A Hope in Hell

On our journey back into the lands of nightmare, the Vertiguys stop to chat about Sandman #2-4. Listen in as the Dream King meets a pair of unbrotherly brothers, tangles with that rascal John Constantine, and competes in the deadliest poetry slam.

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Sandman #1: Sleep of the Just

Enter the Vertiguys! For our first sojourn into the dark side of DC, we’re talking about 1989’s The Sandman #1, and getting to know Neil Gaiman’s mercurial protagonist Morpheus: King of Dreams, Lord of Imagination, Infamous Chicken Thief.

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