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Preacher #38-40: Badlands

In the aftermath of disaster, Preacher explores the full diversity of despondency with issues #38-40. Tulip is distraught, Cassidy is distressed, and Herr Starr is disgusted.

No new episode next week, but we’ll be back in two with Sandman.

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Preacher #34-37: War in the Sun

Welcome back, folks, and happy Fourth – Herr Starr’s brought the biggest fireworks to the party in Preacher #34-37, but will it be enough gun to stop the Saint of Killers?

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Preacher #29-30: Old Familiar Faces

Jesse Custer sets his sights on the Big Easy in Preacher #29-30, where he’ll confront Cassidy’s past, his own fear of werewolves, and the vengeance of… Arseface!

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Preacher #27-28: Rumors of War

With a major battle behind them, our heroes reunite in Preacher #27-28. Jesse gets lucky (or so he thinks), Tulip gets even (then rethinks), and Cassidy changes everything (without thinking).

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Preacher Special: Blood and Whiskey

This week on Vertiguys, it’s a rollicking good time in the Big Easy! We check out Cassidy’s solo adventure inĀ Preacher Special: Blood and Whiskey.

Note: There will be no new episode next week, 2/14. Vertiguys will return with Sandman coverage on 2/21.

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Preacher #25-26: Cry Blood, Cry Erin

Cassidy reveals how he spent his century in Preacher #25-26. Join us for two issues packed with Irish history, drinking stories, and Eric’s favorite music reference.

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Preacher #22-24: And Justice for All

Patience is rewarded in our latest episode, as the Masada story arc finally reaches its explosive conclusion in Preacher #22-24. Join us as Jesse learns more than he wanted to know, Cassidy meets his maker, and the Allfather falls.

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Preacher #19-21: Too Much Gun

Preacher’s racing to the rescue in issues 19-21, but we still have enough time to learn about the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Alanis Morissette, and how to balance a plane.

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Preacher 17-18: Texas and the Spaceman

Preacher catches its breath in issues #17-18. Cassidy plays a long con, Jesse and Tulip stop for breakfast, and Garth Ennis takes on The Things They Carried.

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